Play the Companions, Bass for wire strung harp


Music tutor book with practical explanation for the unison Рne cawlee Рstrings on the wire strung harp, written by Astrid Adler.


The only practical explanation for the unison – ne cawlee – strings. A rhythmic way of playing bass for faster tunes in a convenient manner, with the possibilities ranging from very simple to challenging. This unique tutor book contains:
  • 10 lessons for playing the companions executed over 6 traditional tunes
  • Fingering for treble and bass
  • More than 6 hand positions including the G/A octave changeover
  • Interpretation of the Stirling Round
  • Bits and bobs about ornaments and fingernails
  • Literature documentation about the companions
  • Skewed Irish tuning
  • Celtic designs

Additional Information

  • Size A4 210mm x 297mm
  • 16 pages inside